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MCPE/Bedrock Minecon Custom Pancapes!

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Minecon Custom Pancapes!


Ever wanted to get your own Minecon Cape? But couldn't get one cause the official pack is 1 Million Minecoins! Well now you can change your old boring Pancape to any Minecon Cape you want! This only works on iOS and PC and does not transfer across devices.

Minecon Capes included in this pack:

MINECON 2011 Cape
MINECON 2012 Cape
MINECON 2013 Cape
MINECON 2015 Cape
MINECON 2016 Cape
MINECON 2019 Cape
Minecraft Live Mob Vote 2023 Cape




Special notes:
 • This only replaces your Pancape, does not add more, and only works on iOS and PC devices, Android and Console not supported.
 • If you use a texture pack that has a player.entity file in it, it will disable your cape.
 • Other players cant see my Custom Pancape? They need to go to Settings > General > Disable Only Allow Trusted Skins, and they will see your cape after they rejoin the game.

Creator Info

YouTube | Aexji

   Server | Discord Server

  • Added Minecon Capes as Custom Pancapes for both PC and iOS!
    Fixed youtube tutorial link


How to import Capes on iOS?

Click here!

How to import Capes on PC?

Click here!


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