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MCPE/Bedrock Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Skinpack

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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Skinpack


Welcome to the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney MCPE Skin Pack! This pack is inspired by the iconic characters from the popular video game franchise of the same name. Whether you're a seasoned Ace Attorney fan or new to the series, you'll love playing as your favorite characters in Minecraft. The pack includes skins for Phoenix Wright, Maya Fey, Miles Edgeworth, and many more, each with their own unique look and style. So gear up, grab your trusty gavel, and get ready to take on the trials of the Minecraft world.

Step into the courtroom and experience the thrill of the Ace Attorney series like never before with the Ace Attorney skin pack for Minecraft Pocket Edition! This pack includes skins of all the iconic characters from the beloved Ace Attorney franchise, giving you the chance to become your favorite defense attorney, prosecutor, or witness.

Take on the role of Phoenix Wright, the legendary defense attorney known for his unwavering determination and passion for justice. With his signature blue suit and spiky hair, Phoenix is ready to defend the innocent and uncover the truth.

Or maybe you'd prefer to be the spirit medium Maya Fey, Phoenix's loyal assistant and close friend. With her cheerful personality and love for sweets, Maya is the perfect sidekick to have by your side in the courtroom.


And for those who like to play the villain, why not try the charming and cunning Miles Edgeworth? As a brilliant prosecutor, Miles will stop at nothing to secure a conviction, even if it means bending the rules.

With this skin pack, you'll be able to bring the world of Ace Attorney to life in Minecraft. Immerse yourself in legal battles, cross-examination, and investigation with friends, and let the drama unfold. Show off your favorite character to the Minecraft community and become the ultimate Ace Attorney fan. Get ready to bring justice to the court with the Ace Attorney skin pack!


Some skins are free-to-use skins from Skindex


Textures | PizKar, Max_Sirrr, 

Code | PizKar

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