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MCPE/Bedrock Pirates | Octopus Update

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Pirates | Octopus Update



Are you ready pirate for the adventure?

No? Well, with this skin pack you will, also have fun with Halloween update!

This skin pack adds 94 skins that you can use, have fun and good luck mariner!

Octopus Update

This update adds 6 new special skins; Octopus, that are the next:


Found on the seashore by Captain Snow Death upon disembarking on a mission, he fed it and it became part of his pets. Zack is a protective and loyal octopus to the point of taking the place of the captain's right shoulder and often helping him out of trouble.



It is known that Simeon was found after losing his parents, a playful and social octopus that appreciates human presence. He was adopted by a small group of pirates who guard a beach that is pirate territory. Although it may not seem like it, his vision allows him to fight better.


Eva was born in the confines of Poseidon's kingdom, where her perseverance has helped her reach him to become a great advisor, her advice is said to have prevented wars that would have driven humanity to extinction.


He was badly wounded when he was found by Blackbeard, one of the most feared pirates of the time. Contrary to what one might think, he helped him and is now part of the crew. He is the best warrior, since he can use up to 6 swords at the same time, becoming one of the closest to the captain.


An adventurous octopus from tentacles to head, very young embarked in search of a crew to fight and become a better warrior. Although fate took him to Jack's bar, where he did not become a pirate, but the best bartender in the bay.


It is said that Moon was born in the middle of a lunar eclipse, endowing her with a great magical power in which many pirates are interested, this forced her to hide and remain in solitude permanently, or at least until she can control said power. His whereabouts are unknown.

Halloween Update

Skeletons with pumpkins

The Dead

Female zombie pirate

Male zombie pirate


On this skin pack we can find some curious aspects, like skeletons pirates in different band colors c;



Femenine Update


The femenine update have 4 differents female pirates models (various colors)

Expert Pirate

Super Captain


Queen Pirate

If you have an idea for update this skin pack, please let me know in the comments, thank you (;


Octopus Update

  • 6 octopus skins were added (Zack, Simeon, Eva, Siverius, Mars, Moon)
  • Title page changed
  • New format


  1. Click the link
  2. Complete steps and download the skin pack
  3. Click on the download file and that's it (;
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