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MCPE/Bedrock Simple Ghosts | Demons Update

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Simple Ghosts | Demons Update


Have you ever dreamed of being a ghost?

Well, with this skin pack now you can, and more in this time!

I hope you enjoy the designs, especially because a lot of this skins doesn't have legs, so is a creative way to surprise your friends!

Demons Update

This update adds 4 different races of demons; Infernal, Darkness, Magic and aquatic type.


Infernal demons grew up on the surface of the nether, they like to tame striders and their mission is to take control of the overworld. They dominate the first infernal circles, they support the largest society of demons in the environment.



The darkness demons were born from the caves in the depths of the nether, they have never even seen the light of the lava and they are considered dangerous, since they believe that they can have a power imprisoned within them, or at least that is what the legends says of their existence.


Magic demons have learned the art of arcane magic, the use of these spells has caused their skin to change color, they generally take elixirs to enhance their abilities on the battlefield. Perhaps they are the closest to discovering how to get to the overworld.


The aquatic demons are those who have achieved their redemption, to become they have to embark on a difficult adventure to the only place where water can be found in the nether; Derlin's temple. They are submerged until their molecules exchange the lava production in their blood for water.

Simple Ghosts

Exists 8 types of ghost, the first is the simplest and are the next:

The second type have a typical paper bag because is a little bit shy ;(

The third, that have a pumpkin in the head because yes (Is a ghost, doesn't need a reason haha) [With the last version come in a Blue Pumpkin]

Death Update

Death Update add 12 new skins, 11 deaths skins and 1 very special, The Invisible Skin, that's mean that you literally can be a ghost, good luck c;

The Death and his 10 differents versions with gradients:

Multidimensional Update

Multidimensional Update adds 31 new skins.

-Multidimensional ghosts:

-Esqueletic ghosts:

-Angry ghosts:

Halloween Update

And recently, a costume with some trick or treat vibes, even have their own "sacs"

If you would like more colors in this models or different ghosts, share and please let me know in the comments 


  • Demons Update
    12 new skins were added in 4 types different of demons.


  1. Click the link 
  2. Complete steps and download the skin pack
  3. Click on the download file and that's it (;


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