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MCPE/Bedrock Herobrine Skin Pack

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Herobrine Skin Pack


Ever wanted to be Herobrine, well today’s your lucky day, this skin pack includes 6 different Herobrine skins that I made from Steve and Alex. I took inspiration from animations and stories, along with the herobrine sightings. I have been researching herobrine ever since I started playing Minecraft on my PS4, later on, I bought java edition, and finally bedrock edition, I loved pretending to be herobrine on servers, but my nametag gave me away. I have also tried writing books about herobrine in Minecraft servers, I leave them behind in my base, so if anyone were to grief my base and loot it they might read the book and follow herobrine’s story too. I hope you enjoy my skin pack 😀 !



The first skin is the good old Herobrine skin, he is basically Steve with white eyes.

I got the idea for this skin from the creepypasta community, along with the stories and my

love for mysteries.  Herobrine is a very nice guy once you get to know him, well, at least he is in my opinion.

The next skin is the Alexbrine skin, she is the same as the Herobrine skin, except she is Alex with white eyes instead of Steve with white eyes. I got the idea from herobrine, I wanted girls to have a chance to be herobrine, so I created Alexbrine, who is a girl herobrine. 

The next skin is bloodybrine, he is the same as herobrine except he has blood all over him.

Bloodybrine is in a lot of animations and herobrine mods, he is not exactly how the actual herobrine looks, but I added him cause he adds fear to the herobrine character. 

 Then we have Enderbrine, he is the same as herobrine except half his body is like an enderman. I got the idea from the many fan-made stories, enderbrine is not an actual herobrine, I believe he is just a fan-made version  of herobrine, but he is one of my favorite

herobrine characters so  I decided to add him anyway. 

 Next is netherbrine, he is the same as herobrine except he has netherack all around his body. I got the idea for netherbrine from enderbrine, I think of enderbrine like he is infected with an ender virus, which turns him half enderman. So I decided why not add a herobrine which is infected with a nether virus. 

Next is ninjabrine, he is made up of gradient colors, he has a yellow body, a mask

covering his mouth, and a brown hoodie, along with white eyes. I got the idea for ninjabrine from my favorite herobrine animation/song, then I changed the skin herobrine had in that song/animation into this skin.


Finally, we have noob brine, which is overall cute and creepy and has large white eyes.

Shoutout to RISALZI for suggesting this skin, you can check out her/his profile here:


-updated download link

-added noob brine skin

-added description of noob brine skin

-added image of noob brine skin

-added instructions on how to get a shoutout



You are allowed to showcase the skins in this pack but you must put a link to this MCBedrock page, do not make your own link.

If you want a shoutout, simply suggest something or rate 5 stars and say, "I rated" in chat for a chance to get a shoutout and a link to your profile.

Download the mcpack file.


run it.

Enjoy your new skins 🙂 !

-If you download the zip file


Extract it, and put the extracted folder in this location:
C:\Users\pc user\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MinecraftUWP_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState


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