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Vanilla RTX

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Vanilla RTX is the most popular PBR resource pack for Minecraft RTX; allowing you to use Minecraft's ray tracing features by providing quality PBR maps and fog configurations on top of vanilla game without altering vanilla experience, bringing ray tracing support Minecraft's default resources while remaining completely faithful to all the different aspects and details of vanilla Minecraft.
Vanilla RTX uses 16x heightmaps with uniquely detailed MERs (Metallic/Emissivity/Roughness). Vanilla RTX Normals uses 16x Normals instead.
  • Vanilla RTX & Vanilla RTX Normals cover every possible Vanilla, Creative, Education Edition or secret block.
  • All materials are consistent across different blocks.

Everything has been fine-tuned for Minecraft RTX.

Experience Minecraft's ray tracing with vanilla textures at their best, all textures are meticulously detailed and consistent.
Vanilla RTX is regularly updated both to add support for new blocks and to improve existing ones, there are also several other smaller packs that will allow you to customize certain aspects of Vanilla RTX.
Most of fog colors have been tuned to match vanilla game colors, but if you wish to play Minecraft RTX without air fog, you can toggle fogless option through resource pack settings.
Vanilla RTX Public Community:  Https://
Next Major Update (1.20) blocks


Vanilla RTX Normals

License: Vanilla-RTX/License

If you appreciate the hard work that goes into making Vanilla RTX perfectyou can support it on Patreon:  
Your support will make sure of its continued development and consistently delivered high quality, as a thank you, you will receive updates earlier and directly from Patreon, along with more benefits.


Download Vanilla RTX v1.9.0 (Release)

Download Vanilla RTX Normals v1.9.0 (Release)

Vanilla RTX GitHub page

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