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MCPE/Bedrock Zombie Invasion  

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Zombie Invasion


Play as or escape the zombie, a hide and seek game, Have fun with your friends playing this fun minigame, Hide in tunnels, pipes, rooms, stay alive! Hide and seek minigame.


The game is based on hiding from the zombie, at the start of the game a random player will be chosen who will be the zombie who will chase the Steves and the rest of the players will be steves, The zombie will be released after 30 seconds, the time that it will be given to the players to hide, they can hide both in the rooms and in the secret tunnels that are in them, the zombie has 5 minutes to kill the steves, if the zombie manages to catch all the steves the zombie wins , but if in those 5 minutes it doesn’t kill them all, the steves would win.

Warning: do not try to attack the zombie since you will not harm it, the only thing you can do is hide and not get caught



Posted : 29/06/2020 4:56 pm