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MCPE/Bedrock Parkour Islands  

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Parkour Islands



Parkour Islands is one of the biggest parkour maps available for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. It currently features 9 levels and a Tutorial to help you get started. Nothing ever gets boring as there is a good variety of jumps and obstacles. The newly added Trials come with new and unique parkour challenges for you to jump into. New content is also being worked on, and will be released with future updates. We hope you’ll have fun in Parkour Islands!






  • Tutorial
  • Level 1 Dirtland
  • Level 2 Stone & Wood
  • Level 3 Slime Mania
  • Level 4 Redstonia
  • Level 5 The End?
  • Level 6 The Nether
  • Level 7 Rainbow
  • Level 8 MADNESS
  • (5 New Trials!) Level 9 The Trials
  • (Coming Soon!) Level 10 The End.


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Parkour Islands v0.1.6.1
  • Fix for the levers in Trial 8 being glitched or missing.


Parkour Islands v0.1.6



  • Added Trial 6 Trial of Sight.
  • Added Trial 7 Trial of Swiftness.
  • Added Trial 8 Trial of Memory.
  • Added Trial 9 Trial of Stealth.
  • Added Trial 10 Trial of Bouncing.
  • Tweaked some things in the Tutorial.
  • Renamed Level 2.
  • Renamed the islands in Level 2.



  • Changed timers from actionbar titles to scoreboards.
  • Renamed the snowball mechanics to briefly describe the usage of the snowball in the name of each mechanic.
  • Tweaked both snowball mechanics.
  • Implemented changes to the books containing information about special items and special blocks.
  • Made the map playable from Minecraft 1.10 to Minecraft 1.16+.
  • Implemented various other improvements and tweaks.


Bug fixes:

  • Fix for players sometimes spawning out of bounds after failing Trial 3.
  • Fix for the subtitles containing the names of the trials going missing when starting a trial while a title was being displayed.
  • Fix for the notifications for levels 2-7 being unlocked in the level selection appearing in chat when enabling notifications after already having unlocked levels 2-7 in the level selection.
  • Fix for the floating signs in the Tutorial going missing when playing the map in Minecraft 1.16.
  • Fixed an issue that would arise when playing the map in Minecraft 1.16 when using the snowball in the Nether, which would lead to the player getting stuck respawning in lava. Now, using the snowball in the Nether will teleport the player to a room with a Nether portal that will take them to a room in the Overworld with a button that when pressed will take them to the beginning area.



Please note:

  • The download links are shortened with Linkvertise.
  • You will not be required you to download anything or turn on notifications.


  1. Click on the download link for the file you want to download to be taken to Linkvertise.
  2. Look for the free access with ads button, and click on it. If you have premium, you may click on direct access with premium instead.
  3. If you clicked on free access with ads, click on discover interesting articles.
  4. You have to wait around 10 seconds or less, and then you can click on the X at the top right of the small window to close it.
  5. Click on continue to be taken to Mediafire.
  6. Once you are in MediaFire, click on the blue download button.
  7. Wait for the file to download. If you get any pop ups, close them.
  8. Import the file to Minecraft.


  • The .mcworld file will be automatically imported to Minecraft when opened if your browser, file explorer or device recognizes it as a file that can be opened by Minecraft.
  • The .zip file must have its contents manually extracted, and then manually placed in your minecraftWorlds folder.



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