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MCPE/Bedrock Find The Button: Biomes Edition

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Find The Button: Biomes Edition


Find The  Button: Biomes Edition Map is made by Alejandro4844, This is another creative and original map created by the group. Be Prepared to be intelligent and slippery with the blocks.


Find The Button: Biomes Edition PE is made up of 5 crazy levels and craziest unique levels. So If you're looking for a hard/super hard find the button this is yours map. 


Welcome Find the Button: Biomes Edition! Map made by Alejandro4844. you will have to pass a level to proceed to the next level. When you pass a level you will get a checkpoint so you don't lose your starting point.

Inside the lobby you can find a small exit to the start of the first level to start de minigame. When you press the button you start playing this map

This is a first version of the map, i will bring some updates over time. So if you find any bugs please let me know on the comments. Also, if you enjoy it you can rate this map!




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creator: Alejandro4844

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