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MCPE/Bedrock Find the Lever

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Find the Lever


Get ready to enter this a bit challenging, but adventurous world. Find the lever and flick it! Apply your practicality and common sense. It would be better if you're good on mining.

This map was made by Mr. Nash PH YT and updated by Mr. Scratch to the current version (1.2). Both are members of the Gentle Crafters (a team that makes maps, skin packs, texture packs, add-ons, mods, and shaders for free). It was made on Minecraft version

As you enter the map for the first time, you'll be spawned on the lobby. The lobby contains different things including the teleporting machines that'll bring you to the actual game. 

Another things on the lobby are the NPCs that'll bring you to the "about" section wherein you'll see our social media accounts and the changes we made to the game; and to the "vending machine" section wherein you can get various foods for you to eat when you get hungry.

In this map, you are tasked to find the hidden lever in each game field which is either put behind different structures upon the ground or underground; place it on the designated position; and flick it in order to open the unbreakable door, allowing you to move to the next game field.


You'll be provided different mining tools depending on the game level. You'll use them to break blocks to find the position of the lever or to make it appear (tile drops). Of course, those tools can get broken easily, so you must use them wisely.

Currently, there's a total of 25 game fields in the map being divided into 5 categories: Grass Level, Nether Level, Snow Level, Cave Level, and Ender Level. (But don't worry because we will be working on 4 more kinds of levels.) 

Once you decided to enter a certain level (which comprises 5 game fields), you cannot go back to the lobby anymore unless, of course, you'll play and get to finish it.

We exerted a lot of our time and effort just to create this map, so we really hope you'll enjoy it. :>


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