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MCPE/bedrock Kit Pvp 2 - Any + Bridging

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Kit Pvp 2 - Any + Bridging

This is primarily a Kitpvp world, where players get to choose their kits and battle each other in an arena, although, there is also a place where you can practice bridging, with 4 lanes for doing so :P. There are a few easter eggs that can be found outside the map, if you do find them, screenshot them and send them to Luckey111#0640 on Discord!



You simply right-click or tap the NPC to select your kit, it'll tell you what it has what it can do. If you're on Bridge, simply right click on the NPC's called lanes, make sure to get close to it so it doesn't teleport someone else.Make sure you deselect your KIT after death or there would be a bug where you get multiple kit items. Reset button resets the map which is filled with blocks.


This game will have a few bugs. This is our map by Me & Blazinpyre, make sure to check us out! 



our Youtube Channels!

Blaz's Click here

Mine Click here

creator: Luck & Blaz


Fixed Added Images to the submission, now players can see the preview.

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