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MCPE/Bedrock KiwiHub - KitPvP, Mining, Parkour

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KiwiHub - KitPvP, Mining, Parkour

Kiwihub is a fun minigame world for you and your friends to play on. Players could grind coins by mining at The Mines and attempting each of the Parkour runs. The ores in The Mines are randomly generated and reset every 5 minutes. Each run in The Parkour area will display the time it took you to complete the parkour when you finish it. You could use the coins you have grinded to unlock kits to use for the PvP Arena. All of the kits in the KitPvP are locked except for the Knight Kit which is free for all players to use. You may also unlock upgraded pickaxes for you to use in the mining areas. Created By: IKG/Nandelism


Main Lobby

The main lobby consists of 4 portals leading to a different minigame for players to play at. Each portal is marked with the name of what minigame it is. There are also 4 giants each wearing a different kit from the KitPvP.

Mining Area

The mining area randomly generates ores and loot boxes for players to find. Each loot box contains a different pickaxe. Each loot box also may contain different amounts of iron and coal ore.


There are 2 sides of the shops for players to use. One side is for selling the ores that they have mined in the mining area. The other side is for buying kits, pickaxe upgrades, and pickaxe enchantments. (special thanks to my friend SuperSpankyx for helping me decorate the buying areas)



Each parkour run will reward you with a specific amount of money depending on which course you took. The ones on the right give the most money but they are also the hardest to complete. The parkour will display to everyone the time it took you to complete the parkour every time you finish it.

PvP Arena

The pvp arena has many different secret areas for players to explore/fight in. The top of the arena resembles a part of an old Japanese village with 2 houses, a pond, and a Sakura tree. Deep within the pond, you may swim inside it to find an underground cave to explore. The outer ring of the pvp arena contains small caves leading to the sewer tunnels that you may find in the shop areas.



Youtube Video:

  • Added a killstreak leaderboard to display player killstreaks
  • Added a top richest players leaderboard
  • Added a Secret Beta Titan Kit
  • Improved the teleporting screen from PvP Arena to the Kit Selection Area


Click the Mediafire link and it will send you to a download page for the world 🙂


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