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MCPE/Bedrock PVP Arena 1v1

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PVP Arena 1v1

Welcome to PVP Arena 1v1! I present to you this pvp map where 2 players fights each other to death. Who once dies loses and the opposing player wins. This map could help you improve your pvp skills.    


Have you wondering around the minecraft servers to find this pvp map but your ping is very bad? Well you're in the right place. A 1v1 pvp map where you can try to defeat your friends. You can also place blocks! Download now and defeat your enemies!

Items Available:

Inventory slots:

  1. Diamond Sword
  2. Oak Planks
  3. Iron Axe
  4. Crossbow
  5. Bow
  6. Lava Bucket
  7. Water Bucket
  8. Golden Apple
  9. Cooked Beef


  • 64 Arrows
  • 3 Stacks of Oak Planks
  • Fishing Rod


Official Trailer:


1. Don't break the concrete blocks or... of course you don't want to break it (including the buttons and gold blocks).

How to Play:

  1. The start button is on gold block on the middle of the arena.
  2. If u can't fly, just press the button on the middle of the arena. ( You can't fly in-game.


  1. It's okay to press the button when you're alone. It has a player detector.
  2.  Always type "/setmaxplayers 2" (only host can do this) to set the max players who can join so the game or the map won't break.
  3.  When the player leaves in-game, it's okay I fixed that. (Or if not comment down below and I will fix it or comment on my future discord 'not might have discord or yes')
  4.  If the game started and you got teleported to the wrong place and it says "Player Has Left...", just press the button again (If there is no button, make a new map) it is due to lag cuz it destroy time ticking.
  5.  Remember the height limit, it might destroy your water or lava.
  6.  Report a bug by commenting it out.
  7.  Also don't forget to subscribe:)
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