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MCPE/Bedrock ENBS Shader Renewed v1.0! (Android/iOS)

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ENBS Shader Renewed v1.0! (Android/iOS)

Need a change of scenery? Well, here's the right place to be, this shader provides you with multiple features that may change your entire Minecraft experience forever. It fully enhances the normal vanilla look to something much more vibrant and cool, and to make it look aesthetic, in a way without sacrificing that much performance. 

ENBS Shader (Has Been Renewed!) 

[!] After some minor updates and fixing bugs whilst improving the shader, I came to a conclusion to release it as a renewed version of my original shader. As it has been months that I've released some updates, and here it is. I am quite astonished by how far my supporters are still active, encouraging me to continue my shader, and I'm also thankful for the donations and the loving support. 

Disclaimers : (Important Notice!) 

  1. This shader might have some bugs lying around, if you encounter any kindly report it to us so we can fix that specific problem of yours. 
  2. Due to the new RenderDragon Engine for 1.18.30 and above, as it stated that third party shaders resource packs are currently no longer supported on devices. This shader is only for non-RenderDragon editions of Minecraft. 
  3. This shader will have new features soon, and it may affect performance, so we hope you have a device that can handle the more complex graphics in the future. 

For Business Inquiries: [email protected] 

Screenshots : 

Videos : 

Features : 

  • Shadows
  • Sun's Light Glare
  • Vibrant Atmosphere
  • Natural Dynamic Lighting
  • Improved Rain Ambience
  • Realistic Water and Clouds
  • Realistic Custom Sun and Moon
  • Monochromatic Effect when Raining
  • Optimal Darkness for Night and Cave
  • Wave Animations on Leaves & Water & etc

Requested Features : (Soon to be added) 

  • Player Shadow
  • Water Reflection
  • Cloud Movements
  • Underwater Distortion
  • Wet rain effect on blocks

Supported Platforms :



Major Update ✨ 

  • Added more features to the shader 
  • Updated the featured image 
  • Improved dynamic lighting 
  • More Optimizations 
  • Added disclaimers 


[!] Just to clearly elaborate to everyone, it will not work in the mentioned versions 1.18.30 and above. Due to the new RenderDragon engine which does not support third party shaders, but it may be able to, in the future hopefully, so I'll keep you updated for the time being. 


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