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MCPE/Bedrock McRTX Tweaks Pack

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McRTX Tweaks Pack

This is an small resource pack that changes some aspects of game for Minecraft with RTX to make it feel Better, continue reading for more details of what this pack does.


Firstly: This is a resource pack and not a shader pack, It will not work with any Android or iOS device or any consoles, Only Windows 10 PCs with an RTX GPU and a PBR pack such as tvrtn applied, you will simply have to place this pack over it.

This pack is Mainly/Originally intended to be an add-on to trulyVanillaRTXnormals aka TVRTN, but as It's page is already full of different add-ons & lots of description and this pack is tvrtn addon is a little Different, I've decided to post it separately & give it It's own description/screenshots.

Features of pack: 
- Fancy Grass
- Diagonal Sun
- Diagonal Moon
- Lesser Clouds
- Fancy Podzol
- Fancy Grass Path

It's best to use Heightmaps subpack if you're using heightmaps mode in tvrtn & normals with normals

Fancy Grass, Podzol, Grass path in second subpack (normals):

As this resource pack is a tvrtn addon, same License.txt file in tvrtn & permissions apply to files


How to Switch to Second subpack (for Normal Mapped Grass), this is only to keep Textures style consistent across all packs while using different modes in TrulyVanillaRTX

Image should explain everything, but a few things to note:
- Pack must be ABOVE TrulyVanillaRTX to work properly
- You should re-load pack before switching
- If Switching between subpacks doesn't work while activated in Global Settings, Re-start Minecraft
- Pack must be activated, or the gear icon will not appear after clicking pack.
If you have trouble with anything, you can ask for help on our discord linked below or let me know in comments.


Topic starter Posted : 04/05/2021 2:30 pm