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MCPE/Bedrock Poggy's Luminous Dreams Shader Pack EARLY_Beta [NO RTX]

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MCPE/Bedrock Poggy's Luminous Dreams Shader Pack EARLY_Beta [NO RTX]


Embark on an otherworldly odyssey with "Luminous Dreams": a visionary Deferred Renderer Pack (or Shader) meticulously crafted for the luminous realm of Minecraft Bedrock Edition's 1.20.30 (Beta/Preview), powered by the revolutionary Render Dragon Engine. This shader transcends the limits of ordinary visuals, weaving an intricate tapestry that melds the virtual and the tangible, by using a new lighting technique; Lumen!


Let's start off! 

Water Reflections:



Let's look at what your house, and world can look like during the day.


Light will pass into your house, leaving wonderful light casts on the floor. The light of the color changes as the day progresses, and the shadows move along!



House during a sunset:



Let's look at night time:

You'll immediately notice that it's really dark. You will also have some parts of mobs glow like the enderman eyes. Oh! The Glow Squid Actually Glows!

There are also colored lights as you can see from the Soul Lantern and Redstone Torches. Ores will also glow.



Let's take a look outside during the day:






Near Sunset



Looking at the sun:

The sun will appear brighter. Nothing much to say about it.


Reflective Blocks and 3D Looking Blocks:

There are only a few in this beta. More on the way!



Colored lights are a thing with this Graphic Pack. We're waiting on mojang to make more lights glow.

What's new in Luminous Dreams v0.2.0?


What's new in Luminous Dreams v0.2.1? [fog enhanced]



  • Changes and Additions

    This update to Luminous Dreams Fixes some issues with glowing planks and updated night time to be more bright.

    • Removed red sunlight that appear between mid-noon and late-noon
    • Night time will appear brighter than previews versions.
      • The moon will be able to cast shadows
      • The moon will appear brighter overall and in reflections
      • The transition from sunset to night is much smoother
    • Added Volumetric Fog and Light Shafts. This new feature works by approximating the scattering that occurs as light rays travel through the air, resulting in more realistic fog and a greater sense of scene depth. It also plugs into existing data-driving capabilities in Resource Packs for fog and volumes, (experimental)
  • Fixes

    • Added fog to Snowy taiga, birch forest, oak forest and plains
    • Changed the color of the sky and horizon colors
      • Horizon color is noticeable at sunset
    • Changed color emitted from the sun
    • Point Lights to all light blocks

    Separate Pack (Can be showed too?)

    • Fixed shadow position of the first person shadow
    • Player head rotation from the Y axis now displays in the first person shadow

      Changes and Additions

      • Added a new Behavior Pack that uses scripting to change fog based on the time of day
        • Requires Experimental Toggles
        • Fog transitions are not smooth
      • Added volumetric fog!
        • The fog can be adjusted via pack settings
        • The fog will capture sun rays
      • Removed textures settings


Creators using this pack for video content MUST but this link in the description along with a credit link to the creator

Created by - @XxPoggyisLitxX


Fog Rays Shaders - Latest [11/30/2023]

First Person Shadow Fix

Download Mediafire - Older Version (No Ads)

Download Mediafire - Latest Update (W/ Ads)

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