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MCPE/Bedrock RUSPE Shaders (1.5)  

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RUSPE Shaders (1.5)


Do you want the luxury of ultra shaders without the expense of horrendous performance?

You found the right shaders

RUSPE Shaders focuses on realism and performance!


Unlike most other low end shaders, this does NOT have orange lightning, to me, I don’t like orange lightning, they completely discolors builds and makes it have a hideous orange tint, thats not good for most cases, so I removed it. so that means if you light your builds, it will only light it, and it wont completely discolor your builds.

This doesn’t work for Windows 10. Please stop commenting about it not working for Windows 10


These shaders are original, but I did use pio shaders as a template, but its still original.


RUSPE SHADERS 1.5(Original)









  1. Realistic water
  2. Under Water effect(inspired from Edi’s shaders)
  3. Realistic clouds 
  4. Player Shadow
  5. Atmospheric sounds
  6. water waves
  7. Leaves waving
  8. Underwater distortion/waves
  9. block shadow
  10. Non orange lightning
  11. Realistic sun and moon
  12. Sun reflection/specular lighting(inspired from ESTN)
  13. Shader Settings
  14. Sun beams (Inspired from ESTN)
  15. beautiful sky


Leave your suggestions or bugs in the comments (or Twitter @TDAP13).


  • Do not reupload without permission
  • When reuploading, credit me and leave a link to this mcbedrock post
  • When reviewing this or putting this in your list video, leave a link to this mcbedrockpost, NOT the download link
  • When shorting the link, use DO NOT USE AD.FLY OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT, ONLY USE BIT.LY
  • You can use this freely in your videos or screenshots
  • Do not claim this as your own
  • Toned down sun reflection
  • improved underwater distortion
  • improved sky
  • Sun beams! (Inspired from ESTN)






Posted : 02/08/2020 1:11 pm