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MCPE/Bedrock UltraReal 256X

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UltraReal 256X


Almost everyone have wished that they had a computer to run ultra realistic graphics on and play minecraft in 4k. This texture pack makes that possible with high resolution images that is almost identical to real life. There's even moving fans!

This texture pack has a 256x resolution and therefore makes everything seem realistic. That is if you're not standing super close to the blocks. I have even created seamless textures to most of the blocks to really give it that realistic feel. I got inspiration from Umsoea's ultra realistic texture pack you can find on YouTube and tried to make some textures look similar but at a lower resolution so that it runs smoothly on mobile. Combine this with any shader and you basically have a mobile copy of Umsoea's texture pack but without the real-time raytracing. 


Reflections and 3D texture update:

Here are some images of the new reflections and 3d textures:


Videos of the reflections and 3D textures:


To be able to play with these textures you need to use the yssbe 256x v.15 beta 2 shader which you can download further down.


New nether and more update textures:

Here you can see the difference between the vanilla textures and my realistic texture pack:

Full list of updated textures:

  • Soul lantern
  • soul sand
  • Warped log
  • Crimson log
  • warped fungus
  • Crimson fungus
  • Warped roots
  • Crimson roots
  • Nether sprouts
  • Warped wart block
  • Nether wart block
  • Warped nylium
  • Crimson nylium
  • Hay bale
  • Polished blackstone
  • Blackstone bricks


New and updated item textures:


New honey and campfire textures:

Campfire video


New aquatic update videos and images:

Coral reef and underwater cave videos


Here are some more images of the texture pack:


Notice How The Fans is Spinning in the video below:


Some more videos:



if you want to share this texture pack you must use a link that redirects the user to this website.

Even if you do any modification to the texture pack you must use a link that redirects the user to this website.



I added a new section to the description which contains info about the new reflections update. 




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