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MCPE/Bedrock White Shader V2.1

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White Shader V2.1

White Shader is a shader with a simple but very realistic lighting style, especially for the lowest device configuration. Although this is a shader for low profile but do not underestimate it because it is not inferior to other shaders, the shader pack will support version around 1.14 and above.



This is daytime (There is a sky)

And here is the water

You can fully customize the 4 sides of the grass block in a few settings of the pack

Click the settings button, drag this bar to "full grass"

Here are the results!

In the cave

The light of the torch will become warmer

The rain will become Rain will become real Rain will become more realistic 

The evening of this shader is also nothing special



Added mcpack file and changed description.



 This shader can be combined with other texture packs for the best gameplay experience.

 If during the experience you encounter an error, then comment below this shader so I can fix it.


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