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MCPE/Bedrock Christmas Skyblock - VU57

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Christmas Skyblock - VU57


I made a Christmas Skyblock map for you. I had a new snowy Island with presents Under the Christmas tree and if you look you might even find Santa's sleigh.

This map includes -

a Snowy Skyblock Island with custom presents.

a custom Santa sleigh with the End Portal.

a floating nether portal Island in the nether.

(the default nether will be 500 blocks away in any direction.)

 And a custom End dimension. WITH NO ENDSTONE. So everything is floating above the Void. I thought it would be more skyblocky.

The Goal:

Slay the Ender dragon.

Steps to achieve:

1. Get a cobblestone generator.


2. Bridge to the sleigh.

3. Use obsidian and make a nether portal. (light it with fire spreading from lava)

4. Once in the nether take the Blaze spawner and get blaze rods.

5. Get ender pearls. (From Piglin trades or from natural Enderman spawns)

6. Make eyes of ender from ender pearls and blaze rods and fill in the end portal.

7. Enter and defeat the Ender Dragon!

These are all the required steps there are lots of other stuff We HIGHLY RECOMEND you do other things like. Villager trading, Building farms, Getting elytra and other late-game items etc. the possibilities are truly limitless.

I hope you guys enjoy the map and have a marry Christmas and a happy vaguely close valentines day.

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