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MCPE/Bedrock Legit Survival: Untitled Taiga Map

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Legit Survival: Untitled Taiga Map


A Legit Survival map with GOLD-level advancements, but NO theme! Untitled Taiga is developing into a different map later, but it makes a great template now, just as it is. Start with a few diamond tools, lots of stacked-up resources, full enchanting, and access to the open nether. Look for clues about what we’re working on for 2023… what do you think this map will become?

Untitled Taiga is a Legit Survival map for Bedrock Minecraft. Everything you see was earned and built in survival mode! Get a head start on your next world with a Mojang-approved seed and lots of material advancements:


Diamond axe, shovel + pickaxe

Enchanting + anvil

Nether portal


Villager access

Extra diamonds


ABOUT LEGIT SURVIVAL: Some Bedrock players follow an unofficial gameplay philosophy known as “legit survival,” or vanilla Minecraft. The term has come to mean no cheats, no exploits, no game-changing mods, and no creative mode, for a pure survival experience, with achievements always on.

We create maps built strictly in survival mode. You can start a new multiplayer or singleplayer world knowing that the template is fully Legit, developed in real-time by experienced Minecrafters. Please visit to browse our other maps, and subscribe to our YouTube channel at


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