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MCPE/Bedrock Modern Smart Bunker  

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Modern Smart Bunker

The ultimate modern smart bunker is here! This bunker is perfect for playing survival with friends or by yourself. The bunker features functioning 4 security cameras inside and out and much more!

This bunker has many features so allow me go quickly go over them!

Secret Entrance:

To get into the bunker go to the furthest away villager house, stand in the top right corner and press the stone button.

Control Room:

In the control room you can access the 4 security cameras, you can also lockdown the entire base incase of a zombie apocalypse! This room can only be accessible by those who own the base, to add others there’s instructions in game.

Storage Room/ Vault

This room is hidden away from you sneaky friends that love to steal your items. To get here go underneath the stairs and press the button.

Functioning Shower and Bath

These don’t make much of a difference but its is sure cool to have.

The Bedroom

A nice modern bedroom. On the left side of the bed there’s an opening where you can actually go to sleep.

That’s pretty much it, if you want the base to be really cool I recommend using the ESBE 2G Shader.

I would also like to thank StarlkYT for helping me with some of the building.



Does this count as a change log? I resubmitted it.


Posted : 02/12/2019 12:26 pm