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MCPE/Bedrock Mushroom Caves Survival Map

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Mushroom Caves Survival Map

This is a great survival map which has mushroom biomes inside a huge cave, you will have enough resources to survive but. Can you overcome this challenge? You can also try it with your friends because there will be 4 tents at the spawn point.


You and three friends can embark on this great adventure. This is a survival map that occupies all blocks of height and it is mushroom biomes all this in the complete darkness of a huge cave.

In the tents of the spawn point you will find all the items necessary to survive for a short period of time. You will need to find more resources to survive but I warn you that it will be a challenge depending on the difficulty in which you play.

Please if you share this map on any social network, use this link, do not use a direct link.

The map works from Minecraft BE version 1.16.101 to later versions. If you find any errors on the map please let me know in the comments.

creator: PhUnknown7


More lighting was added in the caves with shroomlight blocks and new mini biomes were added.

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