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MCPE/Bedrock Nether Only Survival

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Nether Only Survival


This world created by 8-Bitz studio is a nether only survival, where it is actually possible to defeat the ender dragon! The first wither you kill, will not drop a nether star. It will instead open the end portal inside of the base/spawn. It is multiplayer friendly, so you can enjoy with as many people you want. It is a blast to play!

See the Coords of Base/Spawn Always above your hotbar! No Matter where you go in game.

Incase you respawn in the overworld, it is still easy to get back to the nether. You are trapped in the Nether.

This is one the Spawn Area looks like from outside, easy to notice.

This is where the end portal spawns after killing the wither. You will not get a nether star the first time.


creator: 8-Bitz




You can only play above 1.16 due to the nether update it would not be possible to play. 

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