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MCPE/Bedrock Plantaica | Custom Survival Terrain | 640x640 |

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Plantaica | Custom Survival Terrain | 640x640 |


Plantacia is a large island that is home to the biggest and diverse fauna you will ever see. You can use it for anything, servers, survival playthrough and even more! 

The Map size is: 640x640 blocks. It also has a wall and ceiling made of border blocks that surround it from the void.

As well as custom-made trees that I have added in world painter to make it large and natural


The Terrain is vast and large, each contains their own biomes 


They are 4 main biomes that can be found around the map, they are mostly distributed around the edges of the map. And contain unique and largely diverse Trees!

Biomes include:

  • Plains - Located in the Western part of the map, has Tiny oak and birch trees
  • Arctic - Located in the Southern part of the map, has Spruce Trees that are covered in snow along with ice caps at the edge
  • Savanna - Located in the Northern part of the map, has Massive Bao Bab trees with hills
  • Jungle - Located in the Eastern part of the Map, has Jungle Trees and vines
  • Desert - Located in the Eastern part of the map, has palm trees made of jungle wood and beaches


World Map( screenshotted in world painter )


In game Screenshots:

Map in bird's eye view


And one more thing...

If you wanna PUBLICLY use my map in your projects, please ask me in the comments and i will allow you to do so. 



To install a World, you need to download the .mcworld file and export it to Minecraft

if there is any complication or doubts, let me know on my discord: xevnai#2180 

creator: xevnai

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