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MCPE/Bedrock Single Biome Survival Pack

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Single Biome Survival Pack

Harsh! Living on dripstone cave only is pain. Finding bed is hard. Because i need to wait until night and kill spider. Not mentioning about grass. Uh...This is 15 worlds of single biome survival with achievement enabled. Uh, I'm not sure, please check it.


This is a pack contains 15 world files of various biomes. I want to make this after watching some youtuber playing desert survival or ice spikes only. So i create my own version. But why only one? Instead, i make 15 biomes. And it's survival.

Here's the list=

1. Plains
2. Ice plains
3. Ice spikes
4. Desert
5. Mesa
6. Swamp
7. Taiga
8. Mega taiga
9. Jungle
10. Dark oak forest
11. Mushroom island
12. Savanna
13. Forest
14. Lush cave
15. Dripstone Cave

Sorry, no ocean. After creating ocean, land still generated but biome changed. No trees and structure like shipwreck generated on hills and lands. That just don't works. You need addon to make ocean only world.

Achievement enabled!

But i'm not sure about this. Because i can only confirm text on setting "achievement cannot be earned on this world" is gone. Cheats is turned off and experimental setting disabled. Please check and comment if achievement really active.

Kill end dragon and wither!

I already locate command stronghold on all world. Stronghold is exist. And you can get lava from cave below. So going to nether and the end are not a problem.

Where is this resources?

This is the major problem on single biome. On starter, I only give you a chest contains 1 sapling, 1 wooden pickaxe, and 10 bone. Also 4 torch. Are you really know about minecraft? If yes, you should know how to find the resource you need, right? If no, then i suggest you to install "item exchange addon" found on this website.

And lastly here is the screenshot=




-Changing featured image to relevant one. It should now reflect the contents.


You need to unpack the zip file first. Because it's contains 15 file inside. After you extract the zip. You can choose which world you want to play.

For mcworld, simply click and open with minecraft.

For zip, extract and move the folder to your world folder location.

If you want to use addons, you need to turn on needed experimental setting. And any behavior pack will disable the achievement. So make sure you don't care about achievement before adding any addons.



Topic starter Posted : 12/01/2022 3:39 pm