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MCPE/Bedrock The Fallen Realm - A Skyblock Adventure

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The Fallen Realm - A Skyblock Adventure


Long ago people lived in a vast called the overworld, filled with trees and fruit pleasant to the sight. Then the abyss broke open and hell with it, causing the Overworld to fall into great chaos. Time passed and the sole survivors of that accursed land broke free from the surface and rose to the skies. Eventually however their numbers dwindled to fewer and fewer till finally all that was left of great race called humans was a few more farmers and merchants. They then bowed their heads and prayed to the heavens and before long.. you, their heavenly emissary appeared.

Welcome to the Fallen Realm!! In this world you will experience a Skyblock Adventure destined to try your patience as you search for the fragments of the ancient portal and the orbs that will open the path to the abyss. Below is a picture of your starter kit with it's starting island and above all else is also your directions of where to go to find the lair of the abyss.

The realm itself is vast and very dangerous! You will encounter many terrible foes on your path to set free this realm and restore the lost civilization of humanity. Many of your foes have adapted to a life within the skies so take heed to sleep and destroy their nests! (spawners)

Those these aren't the only foes, in order to find the pieces of the portal you must travel from island to island! Though keep in mind, these are just a few of these beautiful yet so perilous floating landmasses.


Travel out even further to the terrible battle Tower where your first bosses will await you at the top, sealed within the sword of heaven's light.

Then just when you thought all was set and done monsters have begun making their homes within the Skylands.. destroy their nests and conquer their dungeons!!

Discover the hidden lore of this realm and put together the story of what really happened all those years ago.

And that's all!! I worked on this map for a while few months before porting it over from my Nintendo Switch so if you have any feedback it's very much appreciated!!

If you have any add-on or map suggestions you'd like to see feel free to comment below!! Enjoy your adventure brave hero!

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