Minecraft Bedrock Realms Plus Now Available

During Minecon 2019 the Minecraft team announced a soon to be released “Minecraft Realms Plus” This is a huge update/change to Minecraft Bedrock Realms – Realms plus brings bedrock realms a little closer to how Java realms work. Realms plus includes access to 50+ marketplace content such as maps, skins, addons and more. Minecraft Realms… Read more »

Minecraft’s Combat Is Changing Again

That’s right Minecraft combat is changing “Again” – Even to this day Minecraft 1.9 the combat update was the most controversial update ever added to the game. Good news, that’s all about to change and Jeb himself is taking control of this soon to be update. So far we have had 4 combat test snapshots,… Read more »

Minecraft Playstation 4 Bedrock Pre-Order Leaked

Minecraft PlayStation 4 players might finally have the news they have all been waiting for. After Months of being in the dark with no updates, no bug fixes, no changes PS4 Minecraft players have a glimmer of hope. For months on end Minecraft/Microsoft kept teasing the community by putting Minecraft PS4 bedrock files inside of… Read more »


IMPORTANT NEWS! Don’t panic, well maybe if you haven’t downloaded Minecraft Xbox One Bedrock you should! Time is ticking and certinaly running out. Confirmed by Minecraft that November 30, 2019 is the deadline for players to get bedrock Minecraft update (Upgrade from Xbox One Edition) for FREE – After this date players will be told… Read more »


New week, New Beta! Before we get into the changelog this week we would like to let you know that Java bees (Holiday update 2019) will be releasing on the 10th of December. It’s quite unusual the devs gave us this information but it’s very likely that bedrock 1.14 (Bees update) will be releasing the… Read more »

Minecraft Earth Was Downloaded 1.2 Million Times In The US

Minecraft Earth came out in the U.S. in early access form on November 12, and the augmented reality take on the popular exploration and creation game hit 1.2 million downloads in the country in its first week, according to market analysts Sensor Tower. Minecraft Earth is available for iOS and Android devices. You can use your… Read more »