Minecraft Pocket Edition iOS 13 Blocks Addon/Mod Downloads

26th September 2019
Minecraft News
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If you have already updated to Apples latest iOS 13 version you might have already experienced this, If you have not updated yet we think you should wait. With the latest iOS patch Minecraft Pocket Edition/Bedrock players on the Apple platform are unable to download .mcworld .mcpacks which means you are not able to install addons, mods, texturepacks, skin packs etc.

Now don’t panic to much if you updated it looks like Minecraft are looking into this and it is expected to be fixed but we don’t know how long this is going to take. If you’re on iOS 13 and try to download any .mcworlds or .mcpacks it’ll simply not give you the option top “Open in Minecraft” which is the function to let players easily install their favourite addons or texturepacks. Instead you’ll be faced with “repair you download” and simply nothing happens.

It’s believed that using dropbox as a file download option works along with using .zip and any app that gives you access to these files. If this sounds too complicated we recommend you wait until it works like it has for the last 1 year.

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