17th October 2019
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A Minecraft Java Snapshot

By popular demand, this snapshot makes Honey Blocks and Slime Blocks no longer stick together. Show us your coolest contraptions!


  • Honey Blocks and Slime Blocks no longer stick together
  • Dispensers now eject empty bottles properly when not facing water
  • Bugfixes


  • MC-82943 – Witch held item uses player held item position
  • MC-111444 – Elytras can’t open if the server is lagging or when moving upwards
  • MC-114106 – Dispenser plays failed sound when equipping a single pumpkin or skull
  • MC-127573 – Hover text is displayed for multiplayer chat while in bed even if chat is hidden
  • MC-131061 – Armor stands cannot be placed by dispensers
  • MC-132445 – Spawn eggs used on water do not display a hand animation
  • MC-134495 – Click and hover events still work when F1 is toggled
  • MC-158585 – Villagers spawned from dispensers have default textures no matter what biome they are in
  • MC-159347 – “Bee nest” is not capitalized correctly
  • MC-159947 – Fire charge from dispenser does not light campfire
  • MC-160477 – Dispenser with empty bottles plays successful sound when attempting to remove honey from non-full bee house/empty space
  • MC-160524 – Wet sponges placed in the nether make no sound
  • MC-160894 – Shovel swings when right-clicking on any block
  • MC-160895 – Breeding animals does not display a hand animation
  • MC-160896 – Shearing sheep and mooshrooms does not display a hand animation
  • MC-160897 – Dropping an item using the drop key displays the hand animation but dropping items from within the inventory does not
  • MC-160901 – Using an item while looking at an entity is no longer possible
  • MC-160993 – Empty flower pots cause arm animation to play even when holding incompatible items
  • MC-161151 – Right clicking on redstone ore, which causes it to light up, plays no hand animation
  • MC-161154 – When the ender eye is unavailable, the hand animation is still playing
  • MC-161220 – Right-clicking on a button while it’s pressed inwards still plays a hand animation
  • MC-161424 – Chest hatch floats when the chest is open; affects all types of chests
  • MC-161832 – Transparent and translucent blocks in the inventory render their bottom face
  • MC-161854 – Animation of teleporting through a nether portal and nausea effect are broken
  • MC-161872 – Trident item is very small and renders as a 3D model when dropped or in an item frame
  • MC-161876 – Armor models aren’t enchanted inside
  • MC-161886 – Dropped trident items rotate around an external axis / Bed items rotate around a non-centered axis
  • MC-161924 – Default texture minecraft:entity/conduit/open_eye causing mipmap to drop from 4 to 3
  • MC-161939 – Leads are always rendered bright
  • MC-161982 – Glowing effect outline no longer applies to banners carried by entities with the glowing effect
  • MC-162226 – Large chests are z-fighting with themselves when the two chest blocks have different light levels
  • MC-162245 – Item frames aren’t lit properly (too bright)
  • MC-162261 – Placed rails are not immediately updated when connecting to other rails
  • MC-162374 – Trident position is not adjusted properly if the player is sneaking
  • MC-162402 – Some items are not adjusted properly in third-person mode if the player holding them is sneaking
  • MC-162529 – Water doesn’t have any mipmaps
  • MC-162534 – When crouching, player, skeleton, zombie and other heads will clip through player
  • MC-162540 – When a witch drinks a potion, it’s far from her body
  • MC-162611 – Breaking animation is rendered upside down
  • MC-162729 – Held map doesn’t respect light level
  • MC-162783 – Banner block outline is white
  • MC-163001 – Certain items have a black background
  • MC-163008 – Zombies, husks and giants have black heads
  • MC-163009 – Zombie and player head blocks are completely black
  • MC-163019 – Honey blocks don’t prevent slimes and magma cubes from jumping
  • MC-163022 – Mobs do not avoid walking over honey blocks
  • MC-163030 – Advancements menu isn’t clipped by bounds properly
  • MC-163045 – Breaking animation is not always displayed correctly, depending on the angle it’s viewed from
  • MC-163085 – Textures on some horses and donkeys/mules appear black/white on their hair and tails
  • MC-163089 – Saddle texture on horses/donkeys appear black or completely broken
  • [MC-163110 – Some blocks are lit inconsistently in the inventory
  • MC-163146 – Entities and items without transparency by default ignore transparency in resource packs
  • MC-163159 – Honey block recipe is unlocked when honey block is obtained
  • MC-163227 – Persian cats have a black nose
  • MC-163242 – Item models render shadows incorrectly and based on camera vector
  • MC-163255 – Some mobs can still jump when on a honey block
  • MC-163314 – Minecarts cause constant noises when in a honey block
  • MC-163371 – Paintings drop after world reload


To install the snapshot, open up the Minecraft Launcher and enable snapshots in the “Installations” tab.

Snapshots can corrupt your world, please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.

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