13th November 2019
Minecraft News
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Great news, Minecraft 1.13 now comes with a bug fix! Following the release of 1.13 to the Minecraft community it left a lot of angry players. After waiting months and months for foxes, advanced structure blocks, capes and more. Players couldn’t enjoy them due to crashes and bugs. 1.13.1 has now reached the community focusing only on bug fixes to improve players experience, make sure you update and keep reporting those bugs!


  •  Crashes
    • Fixed a crash that could occur during gameplay
    • Fixed several crashes that could occur when joining Realms
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when joining Featured Servers
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when throwing lingering potions
  • General
    • Error message ‘Failed’ displays when attempting to ‘Create on Realms’ while there are expired Realms for the account 
  • Character Creator
    • Elytra will no longer be invisible or blocky when using a custom imported skin (MCPE-54439)
    • Players can now apply the Founder’s Cape to custom (imported) skins (MCPE-53513)
    • Waiting for a skin to load will no longer block players from getting into a game (MCPE-45038)
    • Players no longer share the same custom skin during multiplayer sessions (MCPE-48207)
  • Gameplay
    • Fixed chests sometimes being invisible (MCPE-52790)
    • Going through portals will now take you to the correct place in the corresponding dimension (MCPE-54519)
    • Tweaked view bobbing movement (MCPE-54645)
      • We intend to tweak this further in a future update! 
  • User Interface
    • Closed Realms are no longer displayed on the ‘Create on Realms’ screen
    • Fixed incorrect Japanese and Korean characters appearing in Language settings

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