Minecraft FREE Map Download For ALL Bedrock Users

18th December 2019
Minecraft News
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Time to celebrate Minecraft BEES! In case you did not know already, Bees are the latest, coolest, fuzziest mobs in the game – Available for Minecraft Java Edition & ALL Bedrock platforms. To celebrate Minecraft are giving us a FREE Map for a limited time, it doesn’t happen often so make the most of it. This map can be found on your bedrock platforms Marketplace (iOS,Android, Win 10, Xbox, Switch & PS4) The map is called “Way Of The Bee” but should be the first picture on the marketplace for you.

The map can be played solo but is more enjoyable with friends, it has Elytra flying/racing, Parkour on those brand new Sticky honey blocks & other hidden secrets.

Download: https://marketplace.minecraft.net/en-us/pdp?id=dd906c3f-186d-493e-adc3-9ed76334421a

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