Minecraft Earth 0.13.0 update – Glowing Squid Mob added!

28th February 2020
Minecraft News
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Minecraft Earth sees it’s second update of 2020, this update includes a number of bug fixes/stability – They have even added a new exclusive mob called the “Glowing Squid” this can now be found on your adventures, below are all the changes introduced.

Minecraft Earth Patch Notes

New stuff (and some changes) coming your way on Minecraft Earth!

Mincraft Earth R13 Patch Notes – February 25, 2020

New Stuff!

  • Coming soon – POWER!! UNLIMITED POWER!! We’ve introduced 12 different Boosts that can be purchased from the Store or activated by scanning a Minecraft Earth Minifig. Each Boost has 3 levels that will increase its power, duration, or both:
    • Increase Attack Damage
    • Increase Crafting Speed
    • Increase Max Health
    • Increase Mining Speed
    • Increase Player Defense
    • Increase Tappable Radius
    • Increase XP From Adventures
    • Increase XP From Collecting Mobs
    • Increased Health Gained from Eating o Keep Items in Backpack On Death
    • Keep items in Hotbar On Death
    • Smelting Speed Boost
  • The dye’s the limit! Your sheep can be dyed your favorite color in the name of FASHION! (Or in the name of your favorite sports team, that’s fine too.)
  • Coming Soon – You’ve seen them in AR, now pet them IRL! Some select Minecraft Earth mobs are making their way to a store near you as Mini Figurines! They’ll also be scannable and unlock powerful Boosts for you in-game.

New Mobs!

  • Your own watery night light, the Glow Squid, is diving into the world of Minecraft Earth!
  • It’s Halloween 365 days a year for the Skeleton Wolf. Beware this bag o’ bones!

Bug Fixes!

  • This is a no clone zone! We fixed an exploit that allowed users to sign-in to Minecraft Earth from the same account on multiple devices.
  • We improved performance for Chinese, Japanese and Korean text. 太牛了! 凄い! 대박!
  • Hooray! Multiple crash bugs were fixed for iOS and Android devices so that you can mine, craft, and build in peace.
  • Mobs looked a bit rough around the edges in Bright Mode, so we gussied them up a bit! Now they’re looking pretty fly.

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