Minecraft Earth Furnace Iron Furnace Golem Mob – Update 0.14.0 Released

12th March 2020
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Minecraft Earth sees yet another update with custom mobs, the 0.14.0 update focuses on even more balance to the game making adventures a little easier to access – Below are all the official changes but get ready for the Iron Furnace Golem.

We are yet to see gameplay of this mob but this is how the mini boost figure looks

Minecraft Earth Patch Notes

New stuff (and some changes) coming your way on Minecraft Earth!

Mincraft Earth R14 Patch Notes – March 11, 2020

New Stuff! 

  • There’s gold in them blocks! What exciting loot will you find in your next Adventure? Common, Uncommon and Rare Adventures now contain special Adventure Chests with unique rewards for daring players.
  • This new Buildplate is a grand slam – or should we say, a grand ram? There’s a new, ewe-nique Highland House Buildplate in the Store.
  • Adventure is within reach! We’ve simplified and reduced the distance requirement for Adventures. From now on, Adventures will share the same, larger interaction radius as Tappables so you don’t have to be as close to get in. That way, if you use a Tappable Radius Boost, it will work for Adventures too!
  • Ding faster! Killing mobs inside Adventures will now give you experience points. If you survive, that is!

New Mobs! 

  • No need to butt heads about it, the Horned Sheep is finally here! It may look friendly, but this overprotective beast is baaaaad to the bone and will ram any players or Mobs of Me that get to close to the herd. Watch out when two Horned Sheep charge each other!
  • Golems are stoic guardians of the realm. The Iron Furnace Golem is the toughest of them all! With its burning chest, fiery fists, and flaming flurry attacks, it will scorch and incinerate all hostiles that dare to challenge its protection.
  • Not all Golems are hot headed, the new Melon Golem is as cool as ice. This fruity guardian chooses rapid fire melon seeds as it’s attack of choice. Although not as tough alone, in small groups they can be ex-seed-ingly effective!

Bug Fixes! 

  • No need to look so Grim! The Skeleton Wolf’s damage has been rebalanced.
  • We’ve improved performance while on the Map and UI screens so players should experience fewer issues. NAVIGATIONAL!
  • The Early Access text on the loading screen now displays appropriately because you were all going wild with the theories. (Yes, we’re still in Early Access. No, Minecraft Earth is not fully released. No, it wasn’t an ARG, but that does give us some ideas…)

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