Minecraft: 1.16 Nether Update Official Release Date

17th June 2020
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The news article you have all been waiting for, we are super happy to share with you that on June 23rd 2020 (Tuesday) the Nether Update will be official rolling out for both Java & Bedrock – This has been months of development from the Minecraft team.


A release date, that is.

Get ready to fall in love with clogs, stroopwafels, artificial islands, tulips, and the color orange. After a long wait, the Netherlands Update is finally coming to Minecraft! We’re so ha…


Hold on, I just need to take this call.

Yes, this is Mojang editorial. What do you mean “not the Netherlands, you imbecile”? I literally just put on my clogs and… o-oh. I see. My apologies.

Get ready to fall into lava. Lots of lava! The Nether Update, Minecraft’s next big adventure, is launching June 23 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, Windows 10, and more. The update will also be available on the Java version, and will roll out on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux during the same day.

If you’re like me – that is to say, totally terrified excited for the Nether and can’t wait to learn more about Minecraft’s lava-fueled sauna – then you should head over to the official Nether Update website. It’s a handy page with plenty of information about the new blocks, items, biomes, and threats awaiting you on the other side of the portal. Or maybe you prefer to dive into it with reckless abandon? That’s fine too, but don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Now, that’s not all. If you’re curious about the sounds of the Nether, we’ve just added a 20-minute soundtrack, composed by the talented Lena Raine, to Spotify – just so you can get into the mood before you begin your journey. As for the remaining senses like smell, we’re… still working on that.

The Nether awaits you. Are you up for the challenge?

confirmation: https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/article/the-nether-update-has-date-

Official tweet: https://twitter.com/Minecraft/status/1273299686770737153

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