Minecraft 1.16 Nether Update: Pre-Release 6-8

17th June 2020
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Start your new week by not slipping and sliding on blocks that should not be slippy or slidey – we’ve now released another pre-release for Minecraft Java Edition 1.16.

Edit: Pre-release 7 is now live and it fixes a few more bugs.


  • MC-176447 – Striders left/right leg uses the same texture
  • MC-180467 – World Border is no longer fully solid
  • MC-183673 – Skeletons not spawning frequently in Soul Sand Valley
  • MC-185126 – Unable to jump one block high from flowing lava that has level 3 or lower
  • MC-186228 – Zombified piglins’ sleeve layers are not held upwards like their arms
  • MC-188552 – Zombified Piglins drop less XP than before
  • MC-188838 – Heads and skulls on a wall cause z-fighting
  • MC-189824 – Overworld/general gameplay music can play in the nether in creative mode
  • MC-189846 – Turtle eggs hatching broken, game checking for sand one block too deep
  • MC-189856 – Unable to set nether portal block with /setblock or /fill
  • MC-189867 – Cannot use /setblock and /fill to place blocks in positions they cannot normally be in
  • MC-189868 – Player gets set on fire and extinguished continuously when standing in fire in Creative mode
  • MC-189895 – Redstone in jungle temple / pyramid no longer connects to blocks and redstone components properly
  • MC-189905 – The player can get stuck inside of the world border
  • MC-189971 – Clicking the “Take me back” button causes translucent blocks to stop rendering


  • Tweaked map colours of crimson and warped materials
  • There is now a text that says “Search…” in the recipe book that higlights that you can… search…
  • Opening the game mode switcher now has a default selection if you have not entered a different game mode before in that world. 
  • In the above scenario, by default, you will now select Creative if currently in any other game mode, and Survival if currently in Creative


Added player_interacted_with_entity advancement trigger

  • item matches the item which was in the player’s hand during interaction
  • entity matches the entity which was interacted with


  • MC-45749 – Potion particles spread always from the north-west corner of a block, regardless of impact
  • MC-163333 – Plains houses and decorations can generate in taiga villages
  • MC-166593 – Zombie villagers in zombie villages aren’t persistent
  • MC-167386 – binding hotbar hotkeys to mouse thumb button won’t interact the way it should
  • MC-167554 – Enchantment glint on shields is rendered incorrectly
  • MC-171543 – Ravagers can easily be knocked back with the knockback enchantment
  • MC-172027 – Datafixer for minecraft:recipes/misc/composter advancement is missing
  • MC-172442 – Piglins don’t spawn with enchanted gear
  • MC-172592 – Breaking a larger than normally possible Nether portal makes the game crash with a java.lang.StackOverflowError
  • MC-174279 – Baby piglins don’t run from wither skeletons
  • MC-175993 – Enchantment glint of lodestone compass or enchanted compass/clock jumps when compass/clock rotates
  • MC-177929 – End gateways don’t always teleport the player when throwing an ender pearl into it
  • MC-178573 – Piglins are afraid of extinguished soul campfires
  • MC-178947 – Explosion damage can be blocked by fire
  • MC-181465 – Bartering with a piglin with an equipped shield using right click deletes the shield instead of dropping it on the ground
  • MC-182309 – Command autocomplete doesn’t sort strings that start with the given word to the top
  • MC-182325 – Iron golem causes lag when it can’t attack its enemies
  • MC-183759 – Oh Shiny advancement doesn’t activate when right clicking
  • MC-184277 – Last game mode for game mode switcher and F3 + N is always survival after relogging
  • MC-184813 – Superflat world corruption when converting the world
  • MC-186614 – New Nether mobs make too many noises under certain circumstances
  • MC-186617 – Zombified piglins sound angry too many times when hit constantly
  • MC-187031 – Piglin swinging animation does not match attacking or targeting animation
  • MC-187420 – Zombified piglins make angry sounds too frequently
  • MC-187490 – Piglins that pick up gold while pathfinding will continue pathfinding
  • MC-187522 – Server doesn’t generate amplified / large biome worlds
  • MC-187622 – Piglins can still remove curse of binding enchanted helmets / carved pumpkins after they’ve inspected a golden helmet
  • MC-187853 – Water / Lava doesnt move entities unless they move first
  • MC-188581 – Glass placed in item frame isn’t rendered properly
  • MC-188659 – New “swap items with offhand” feature doesn’t work if the control is bound to the 4th or 5th mouse button
  • MC-188702 – When loading in a redstone dot via a structure block, the dot gets set to a redstone cross
  • MC-188987 – When standing on certain non-full blocks, the player gets pushed off if there is a lower area next to the block
  • MC-189081 – Chains create water sources
  • MC-189256 – Hoglin and zoglin tusks textures are not separate
  • MC-189326 – Lecterns don’t stack with other lecterns after being placed down and broken


Pre-releases are available for Minecraft: Java Edition. To install the pre-release, open up the Minecraft Launcher and enable snapshots in the “Installations” tab.

Pre-releases can corrupt your world, so please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.

Cross-platform server jar:

Report bugs here:

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