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This resource pack aims to fix the differences between Bedrock and Java Edition. This includes water, explosion particles, block sounds, drowned animations, block and item names, and many other things. It's great if you're a Java Edition player who wants to play Bedrock Edition but dislikes the visuals of the version.

Changelog, Credits, Feature List, and Command List text documents are located in the resource pack folder. The Changelog lists every tiny technical change. The Credits document gives credit to everyone who contributed features to the pack. The Feature List is a full list of every change the pack makes in-game. The Command List is a list of extra command functionality added by Java Aspects. You can contribute to the pack if you want; just send me a direct message on Twitter.

You can switch between the new and old textures using the pack settings slider. However, you have to apply Java Aspects above the Classic Textures resource pack from the Marketplace for Programmer Art textures to work correctly.

To use Java Aspects with a different texture pack, set Java Aspects to Compatibility Mode using the subpack slider and put it below the other pack.

Detailed Feature Lists:

Universal Features (features applied regardless of the pack option you use)


  • Fog colors and distances (Overworld, Underwater, and Nether)
  • End sky color
  • Light source shading (such as Glowstone)
  • Subtle 3D enchantment glint
  • Colored special item names
  • Lighter block breaking animation
  • Random block rotation


  • Water textures, transparency, and colors
  • Seagrass height
  • Kelp color
  • Weeping Vines texture
  • Smooth Grass Block side biome transitions
  • Ominous Banner colors
  • Distant Leaves, Grass, and Fern colors
  • Carried and Opaque Leaves colors
  • Snowy Grass Block side texture
  • Carried Grass Block top color
  • Blackstone Slabs and Stairs top and bottom textures
  • Save/Load Structure Block textures
  • Structure Void texture
  • Correct Nether Reactor textures

Block Animations:

  • Animations no longer fade between frames
  • Faster Lava and Magma Block
  • Faster Kelp and Seagrass
  • Faster Smoker front
  • Faster Nether Stem sides


  • Seagrass texture
  • Cat, Panda, and Wandering Trader Spawn Eggs textures
  • Locked Map texture
  • Leather Horse Armor colors
  • Light item textures
  • Tipped Arrow colors
  • Command Block Minecart texture
  • Better held End Portal and Gateway


  • Separated Llama decorations
  • Skinnier Drowned model
  • 2D Fishing Hook
  • 2D Firework Rocket
  • Sheep wool coloring
  • Cat and Ocelot model
  • Bee model
  • Cow and Pig models
  • Separated Pig saddle
  • Witch model
  • Wither barrier texture
  • Pillager height
  • Vindicator texture
  • Ravager model
  • Invisible phantom texture
  • Ghast shooting texture
  • Cold Strider textures
  • Piglin model
  • Piglin helmet position
  • Hoglin and Zoglin models
  • Enderman height
  • Shulker size
  • Shulker Bullet transparency
  • Zombie Villager helmet position
  • Villager models
  • Consistent Glow Squid and Blaze lighting

Entity Animations:

  • Empty hand attacking
  • *Held item position and size (first and third person)
  • Crouching position
  • Swimming and crawling animations
  • Shield blocking animation
  • Aiming animations
  • Idle arm position and animation
  • Cape animation and position
  • Elytra animation
  • Tooting goat horn animation
  • Zombie chasing and attacking
  • Drowned swimming
  • Skeleton idle arm position
  • Skeleton bow aiming
  • Creeper exploding white overlay
  • Enderman shaking animation
  • Witch nose position and bobbing
  • Wither spawning animation
  • Piglin arm position and ear bobbing
  • Piglin celebrating head position
  • Pillager crossbow aiming animation
  • Pufferfish fins and bobbing
  • Bee bobbing and wing speed
  • Vex bobbing and item position
  • Fish flopping
  • Vindicator and zombie villager offhand item position
  • Wolf tail alignment
  • Villager held item position and leg movement speed
  • Iron golem wobbling animation
  • Tropical fish flopping rotation speed
  • End crystal animation
  • Burning and hurt entity overlays
  • Removed eating animation
  • Removed blinking


  • Empty hand alignment
  • Experience and jump bar textures
  • *Item durability bar colors
  • Hotbar transparency
  • Unique boss bars for different situations
  • Highlighted inventory slot color
  • Empty inventory slot textures
  • *3D Bed icons
  • *3D Chest icons
  • *Wall icons
  • *Lightning Rod and End Rod icons
  • *Scaffolding, Conduit, and Beacon icons
  • *Decorated Pot shading
  • Inventory tab icons
  • Selected item's name outline texture
  • Locked trades can be highlighted
  • Buried Treasure Map "X" texture
  • Rainbow Jukebox text
  • Coordinate text color
  • HUD item name position
  • Half armor HUD texture
  • Removed chat message censoring
  • Removed command item/block previews
  • Removed HUD text background and added shadows
  • Removed extended HUD text descriptions (such as enchantments)
  • Removed flying items when quickly moving items in inventories
  • Removed "New" and "Sale!" Marketplace notifications
  • Removed Marketplace button advertisements
  • Removed debug text


  • Lower music frequency
  • Louder music
  • Unique Pufferfish sounds
  • Unique Wither Skeleton sounds
  • Unique Armor Stand placing/breaking sounds
  • Bee Nest and Hive use wood sounds
  • Chorus Plants use wood sounds
  • Corals, Coral Blocks, and Coral Fans use squelchy sounds
  • Chiseled and Cracked Nether Bricks use nether brick sounds
  • Gilded Blackstone uses nether ore sounds
  • Kelp and Seagrass use wet grass sounds
  • Lily Pads use big dripleaf sounds
  • Vines use softer sounds
  • Crops use planting sounds
  • Block/entity sound pitches and volumes are more consistent
  • Explosion sound pitch
  • Piston extending/retracting pitch
  • Rain ambience volume
  • Blast Furnace/Smoker crackling variety
  • Chest opening sound
  • Candle ambience variety
  • Swimming sound variety
  • Splashing sounds
  • Throwing item sound pitch (such as snowballs)
  • Cauldron filling sounds
  • Bell volume
  • Big Dripleaf tilting up sound
  • Crossbow sounds
  • Picking up and dropping item pitches
  • Zombie converts to Drowned sound
  • Underwater Skeleton Horse sounds
  • Fish death sounds
  • Thorns enchantment sound
  • Notifications use advancement sounds
  • Random underwater ambience sounds can play
  • Removed the air punch sound
  • Removed jumping sounds
  • Java sound event command compatibility (see the Command List)


  • Particle rotation
  • Explosion particle textures
  • Conduit eye particles
  • Sculk Sensor directional particles
  • Unique Splash Potion of Healing and Harming textures
  • Campfire smoker transparency
  • Glow Squid particle colors
  • Totem of Undying particle amount
  • Eating particle amount
  • Darker breaking and walking particles
  • Chest breaking particles
  • Log, Nether Stem, and Hay side breaking particles
  • Tool breaking particle amount
  • Item frame breaking particle textures
  • Critical hit particle colors
  • Ender Dragon death particle amount
  • Bubble column splashing particle color
  • Damage indicator particle (commands only)


  • Cooked Beef is "Steak"
  • Spawn Eggs are "[Mob Name] Spawn Egg"
  • Milk is "Milk Bucket"
  • Seeds are "Wheat Seeds"
  • Sugar Canes are "Sugar Cane"
  • Double Tallgrass is "Tall Grass"
  • Treasure Map is "Buried Treasure Map"
  • Chain Armor is "Chainmail" Armor
  • Slightly Damaged Anvil is "Chipped Anvil"
  • Very Damaged Anvil is "Damaged Anvil"
  • Enchantment Table is "Enchanting Table"
  • Enchanted Apple is "Enchanted Golden Apple"
  • Melon is "Melon Slice"
  • Glistering Melon is "Glistering Melon Slice"
  • Portal is "Nether Portal"
  • Head is "Player Head"
  • Clay is "Clay Ball"
  • Clay Block is "Clay"
  • Top Snow is "Snow"
  • Snow is "Snow Block"
  • Stone Mason is "Mason"
  • Sea Turtle is "Turtle"
  • Throwable items are "Thrown [Item]"
  • Daylight Sensor is "Daylight Detector"
  • Pillar Quartz Block is "Quartz Pillar"
  • Brick Block is "Bricks"
  • Bricks Slab is "Brick Slab"
  • Stone Bricks Slab is "Stone Brick Slab"
  • Nether Brick Block is "Nether Bricks"
  • Red Nether Brick is "Red Nether Bricks"
  • Wood Planks are "[Type] Planks"
  • Wood Stairs are "[Type] Stairs"
  • Wood Slabs are "[Type] Slabs"
  • Weighted Pressure Plate ([Type]) is "[Type] Weighted Pressure Plate"
  • Illager Banner is "Ominous Banner"
  • Light Block is "Light"
  • Records is "Music Discs"
  • Mob Skulls is "Heads"
  • Fireworks is "Firework Rockets"
  • Glazed Terracottas is "Glazed Terracotta"
  • [Enchantment] I is now "[Enchantment]"
  • Beta!!! is "Snapshot!"
  • Savanna is "Windswept Savanna" when applicable
  • Mega Taiga is "Old Growth Taiga"
  • Base Fess is "Base"Chief Fess is "Chief"
  • Max Framerate (Experimental) is "Max Framerate"
  • Mobs remaining is "Raiders remaining"
  • Save and Load are "SAVE" and "LOAD"
  • World Preferences is "More World Options"
  • World Options is "Game Rules"
  • Trust Players is "Give multiplayer permissions by default"
  • Friendly Fire is "Deal player vs player damage"
  • Show Coordinates is "Show position"
  • Fire Spreads is "Update fire"
  • TNT Explodes is "Allow destructive block actions"
  • Mob Loot is "Drop mob loot"
  • Natural Regeneration is "Regenerate health"
  • Tile Drops is "Drop blocks"
  • Immediate Respawn is "Respawn immediately"
  • Respawn Radius is "Respawn location radius"
  • Experimental Gameplay is "Enable experimental features"
  • Activate Cheats is "Allow Cheats"
  • Education Edition is "Enable Education Edition features"
  • Always Day is "Lock time of day to noon"
  • Daylight Cycle is "Advance time of day"
  • Keep Inventory is "Keep inventory after death"
  • Mob Spawning is "Spawn mobs"
  • Mob Griefing is "Allow destructive mob actions"
  • Entities Drop Loot is "Drop entity equipment"
  • Weather Cycle is "Update weather"
  • Command Blocks Enabled is "Enable command blocks"
  • Random Tick Speed is "Random tick speed rate"
  • Experiment toggle names match the Java Edition format
  • Yellow Experimental world text
  • Clear Audio slider names
  • Visible to LAN Players is "Open to LAN"
  • Position: [X], [Y], [Z] is "Block: [X] [Y] [Z]"
  • You can only sleep at night is "You can sleep only at night or during thunderstorms"
  • Your home bed was missing or obstructed is "You have no home bed or charged respawn anchor, or it was obstructed"
  • Bed is too far away is "You may not rest now; the bed is too far away"
  • All leave vehicle messages say "Press Sneak to Dismount"
  • Command guide messages in command blocks are the same as Java Edition
  • Online play warning massages match Java Edition
  • Unobtainable blocks and items have English names instead of identifiers
  • Mexican Spanish and Italian translations are changed
  • Banner patterns match Java Edition in all languages


  • Trident riptide wind texture
  • Banner pattern textures
  • Unobtainable block textures
  • Splash texts
  • Updated font
  • Missing texture
New Default (features applied when you use the New Default or Compatibility Mode pack options)


  • Nether Wart Block texture
  • Cactus side texture
  • Piston arm textures
  • Purpur Pillar top texture
  • Pumpkin top texture
  • Smoker bottom texture
  • Bed leg textures
  • Updated old Stonecutter textures


  • Filled Map textures
  • Vines and Lily Pad inventory colors


  • Dragon Fireball texture
  • Savanna Villager base texture
  • Cleric Villager profession texture
  • Biome-specific Zombie Villager textures
  • Llama chest textures
  • Iron Golem texture
  • Leather Cap texture
  • Old Villagers and Zombie Villagers in Marketplace maps use new textures


  • Brewing Stand Bottle outline
Programmer Art (features applied when you use the Programmer Art pack option)


  • Lava textures
  • Crying Obsidian texture
  • Horn Coral Block texture
  • Brain Coral Block texture
  • Acacia, Birch, Dark Oak, and Jungle Door textures
  • Smithing Table top texture


  • Potion colors
  • Shield texture
  • Dried Kelp texture
  • Bucket of Pufferfish texture


  • Cat textures
  • Horse, Donkey, and Mule textures
  • White Rabbit texture


  • Empty horse armor slot texture
Christmas Chests is also available below. It works with or without Java Aspects. This pack replaces the default chest textures and icons with the festive textures used around Christmas on Java Edition. Apply Christmas Chests above Java Aspects.
Java Aspects may have compatibility issues with other UI packs, even in Compatibility Mode. Compatibility is guaranteed with MultiPixel 1.20 and VDX: Legacy Desktop UI 1.2.7 as long as you follow the resource pack load order in the screenshot below.
Changelog - Tints and Trims Update (5.2.1)

Released July 17, 2023

Lines that begin with * are features unique to Java Aspects (not in Console Aspects).


Textures, Block Animations, and Properties:

  • Distant leaves are now as bright as Java Edition
  • *Fast azalea and cherry leaves now match Java Edition
  • Kelp is now brighter to match Java Edition (Thanks, @ZouChenyunfei!)
  • Cherry sign now has the correct command helper
  • *Removed Wild Update panorama
  • *Removed archer pottery shard texture as Bedrock Edition changed to match Java Edition

Entity Models and Animations:

  • Swimming, crawling, and sneaking animations now better match Java Edition (Thanks, @LateLagMC!)
  • Disabled zombie villager hurt overlay due to upcoming profession changes


  • Disabled 2D glass pane icons due to upcoming stained glass pane ID changes
  • The experience bar and number now disappear while riding a horse or camel
  • Horse jump and camel dash bars are no longer stretched on mobile devices
  • Decorated pots are now shaded in inventories
  • Action bar HUD text (like dismount messages) now has a shadow


  • Suspicious gravel, pink petals, and sniffer egg block sounds now have volumes and pitches consistent with Java Edition
  • Updated brush item sounds to match Java Edition
  • *Updated biome music playlists to match 1.20
  • Removed cherry wood sound files as they were officially added to the game


  • Cherry log particles now use the side texture


  • *Added new splashes from 1.20:
    • Made with lave!
    • This sand is sus
    • Remember to brush your... ...teeth
    • Has working bookshelves!
    • Sniff sniff...
    • Place hanging sign here
    • Joule is neat too!
  • *Updated Italian translations for 1.20 (Thanks, @EmptyCoso!)
  • *Crawling, experimental camera, and recipe unlocking toggles now match the Java Edition format
  • Illager banner shield descriptions are now light gray

==New Default==

Textures, Block Animations, and Properties:

  • *Removed almost all potion and tipped arrow textures
    • Only Tipped Arrows of Healing, Fire Resistance, Slow Falling, and Decay are still different on Bedrock and Java Edition

==Programmer Art==

Textures, Block Animations, and Properties:

  • *Updated Slow Falling and Wither potions and tipped arrows to match Java Edition


Textures, Block Animations, and Properties:

  • Grass side color now transitions smoothly near cherry groves (Thanks, @ZouChenyunfei!)
  • Enchantment glint intensity once again matches Java Edition
  • Overworld fog now uses the correct color

Entity Models and Animations:

  • Banner patterns on shields are now visible
  • End crystals are now the correct height
  • Villager item poses are once again correct with wool and carpet
  • Armor stand baseplate is no longer visible in the smithing table


  • Removed shield item icon due to the addition of shield banner patterns
  • Armor trims are now visible in inventories
  • Decorated pots now show sherds in inventories
  • HUD item text no longer fades in each time a new item is selected
  • HUD item text now appears for the correct duration
  • *Disabled toast screen changes due to upcoming recipe unlocking


  • *Music delay time is now consistent across all biomes
  • *Ghast shooting can no longer be heard 100 blocks away
  • *Dead coral plants no longer make squelchy sounds


  • Updated splash potion of healing and harming particles to work with the new potion colors (Thanks, @ZouChenyunfei!)
  • Language:
  • *Dismount messages now display the Sneak button instead of Jump
  • Dismount messages now match Java Edition when using touch controls


  • Using old texture packs no longer causes pink-and-black squares on logs


  • Updated render controllers for persona, cape, zombie villager, sniffer, and camel
  • Updated "", "", and "" to reflect the latest changes
  • Flattened villager block item pose code
  • Flattened log entries in "blocks.json"



  • Updated the minimum game version required to use the pack to 1.20.10, which means this pack is no longer compatible with earlier versions
  • Changed pack UUID to be compatible with earlier versions of this pack
  • Updated pack version to 5.2.1

Pack Documents:

  • Updated the Credits policy to prevent future contributors from requesting removal of their contributions
    • This policy change applies to Console Aspects as well.
  • Updated all names, Twitter handles, and Discord usernames of contributors
  • Updated the custom tab with the latest Changelog and Credits
  • Updated the Credits, Command List, Feature List, and Full Lists of Performance & Compatibility Changes to be correct with this version


  • The shield equip sound from 1.19.4 cannot be added by a resource pack on Bedrock Edition.
  • Beds currently cannot receive 3D models in hand due to their existence under one block ID, "bed". Once the block is separated into unique IDs for each color, this may be possible.
  • Although cherry leaf particles should be billboarded, the change is not in this update due to upcoming particle changes in 1.20.20.

Java Aspects comes with two download options: Fidelity and Performance. Fidelity contains features which cause more lag, like item icons and held item positions, but crashes the game on mobile devices. Performance runs better, but doesn't include durability bars, held item positions, or item icons.

Mobile players should always download the Performance version of Java Aspects.

If you are experiencing the "pink and black squares" glitch, where certain blocks do not show the correct texture, download the "Missing Texture Patch" below and apply it above Java Aspects. It fixes the issue on most devices.

Latest Release:

5.2.1 (Performance):

5.2.1 (Fidelity):

Christmas Chests 1.0.1:

Missing Texture Patch:

All Downloads:










































5.0.0 (Performance):

5.0.0 (Fidelity):

5.0.1 (Performance):

5.0.1 (Fidelity):

5.1.0 (Performance):

5.1.0 (Fidelity):

5.1.1 (Performance):

5.1.1 (Fidelity):

5.2.0 (Performance):

5.2.0 (Fidelity):

5.2.1 (Performance):

5.2.1 (Fidelity):

Christmas Chests 1.0.0:

Christmas Chests 1.0.1:

Missing Texture Patch:

My Links:

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Topic starter Posted : 21/04/2018 8:46 pm
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those sounds are added recently on beta minecraft 1.13

Posted : 08/05/2018 6:05 pm
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those sounds are added recently on beta minecraft 1.13

I added them in the pack! You should check it out. You've been added to the Credits. 🙂

Topic starter Posted : 24/05/2018 7:16 pm
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heres the sounds
also i notcie the new horse model has different textures to the bedrock ones

Posted : 03/06/2018 5:48 pm
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I noticed that the explosion sounds in the pack were still set at default pitch and speed. So I slowed it down in Audacity to the point where it sounds identical to what it sounds like in Java.
Here are the sounds:
And here is how it should sound:

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Updated by (AgentMindStorm)

Posted : 27/12/2021 4:05 pm
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Is the download link for Java Aspects 5.0.1 in 5.0.0? nvm

EDIT: Also, the Crimson and Warped Nylium top files should be not there considering that the Java Edition updated those textures like a few months ago I think to match with Bedrock Edition.

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