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Different World Pack

ImDarkTom presents you the Different World Pack! The pack changes some of the default things in vanilla Minecraft. This is still a very early version meaning that most of the thing in this pack are not close the finished version.

The things this pack changes include:


-Ore Outlines




-End Chest

-End Frame

-Eye of Ender


-Mushroom Biome






-Some GUIs

You are allowed to:

-Upload a modified version with crediting me

-Record this pack, again, with crediting me

You are not allowed to:

-Reupload as own

-Upload to sites that I haven’t posted the pack to before

Things in this pack are changed to:

-Diamond = Ruby (Red)

-Gold = Mynt (Green)

-Iron = Pigonite (Blue)

-Lapis Lazuli = Crystal Lazuli (Orange)

-Emeralds = (Purple)

(Item names & textured are changed for craftable items aswell. E.g. Ruby Chestplate, Myntic Apple .ect.)

This is still a very early version so expect bugs. Also if there is a bug, comment it and I will fix it in the next update.


-Added accesible download links.

-Thumbnail changed.

-Should be officially released.



Posted : 06/12/2019 11:38 pm