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MCPE/Bedrock Dark Sea Texture Pack PvP

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Dark Sea Texture Pack PvP


This texture pack is created to be used on the server or in the survival world, it helps to change the textures that would bother you, since fire can be when you burn yourself.

It is recommended to use in minigames like skywars and pvp


Credits:@Newtoncito and @TInfiniteMinds

The texture has a 256×256 resolution so that they want to have a Minecraft with better resolution is its textures.
This texture has custom skies, which change night and day, this as in Minecraft Java textures,




The items were changed to match the other textures


You like high resolution textures, help us create the content you want, vote in this little poll to find out what type of textures to create

creator: F5


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