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MCPE/Bedrock PGN Pink Sheep Resource Pack

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PGN Pink Sheep Resource Pack


Are you a fan or were a fan of Pink Sheep?
Than Download This Resource Pack ?


There was always a Pink Sheep Resource Pack for java but not for bedrock. That changes Today! 


What is Pink Sheep?

Pink sheep is YouTuber/content creator with 1.75 million subscribers Who plays Mostly Minecraft. Pink Sheep is a Sheep that is dyed Pink and has a black mustache. Pink sheep came from a other youtuber called ExplodingTNT. Pink sheep is a background character for ExplodingTNT’s Videos. In March of 2016 Pink Sheep created his YouTube channel and became more popular with the Minecraft and ExplodingTNT fans.

For more info go to


Pink Sheep with mustache:


Father and Son paintings:


MLG paintings



Diamond Armor:


New Logo:


New Panorama that is currently buggy:

This Resource Pack is NOT done and i’m welcome to suggestions.


I also run a Minecraft Roleplay called Pink Sheep Hater Wars that uses this Resource Pack:


If you want to help than join this Discord.



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