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Adding mods to a BDS World

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Hi all,

I'm new to running a Bedrock Dedicated Server. I have one up and running and now I would like to add some mods to it.

Mostly mods that add new items, and perhaps a minimap mod if there is one, it would be nice.

How do I do it and what are the most important things I should know and understand?

I haven't found any good tutorial on the matter.



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As someone who started a bedrock dedicated server this year, i recommend a couple things.

1. Use papyrus, it can not only create full backups on a schedule, but also renders big ol maps Google Maps style, so you can just host the website on the same server and have your users navigate to it via the web to see the World Map. I haven't found any mini map mods, but papyrus is amazing.

2. MAKE ADDITIONAL BACKUPS. I cannot stress this enough, especially if you are trying to mod a world that exists already. the worst thing in the world is telling your users that their 4 hour project essentially never happened.

3. as far as implementation goes, this is my method:

  1. create a world in single player and add all the mods you want, behavior and resource.
  2. export this world to whatever.mcworld
  3. use 7zip[or whatever] to extract this file to whatever\
  4. get in that folder, grab the resource folder, the behavior folder, and the .json files for each. Copy them into the world folder in the server directory.
  5. also place copies of the behaviors and resources in the corresponding folders of the server root
  6. in the file, add the value <texturepack-required=true> without the <>
    • this last step allows you to force packs onto consoles, but can cause PC users to have to use sub-par shaders, so set this as you see fit

If you have any issues with it or need help, hit me up. I troubleshoot for a living so this is my cup of tea and my jam.

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I also had a question in another thread and my comment was deleted. Will my question be answered here?

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Can I add a mod that provides powerful tools for building and fighting in high techloky minecraft 1.20.12?

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