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Commission Request: Minecraft Mods

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Hello! I'm currently a Minecraft: Bedrock Realm Owner which runs a Clone Wars-based roleplay server, and I'm looking for a high-quality addition to the Grand Army of the Republic's arsenal. I'm looking to commission a LAAT/i which flies, with at least six player slots (including the driver!), a BARC Speeder (Fast, and can be used by only one player!), and possibly an ARC-170 which can also fly and have one-two players. I'd love it if these mods did not use experimental gameplay so we can add these onto the realm and allow them to be useable there.


These additions would be super useful, as they'd improve the quality of the server, and being able to use vehicles could greatly improve everything! I'd be willing to discuss the price privately and also keep in contact about progress made. Thank you!

- Galactic Assault.

Topic starter Posted : 27/04/2020 2:30 am
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