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MCPE/Bedrock Khuii’s Custom Textures  

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Khuii’s Custom Textures


This texture pack only changes a handful of things, including some blocks, mobs, paintings, and items. The main reason I made this texture pack was so my friends and I could use it on our survival world, but anyone else is free to equip this pack! This is my first custom texture pack, which is why some changes may not be the best and why I haven’t re-textured many things. Anyways, I hope you enjoy using my texture pack!


These are all of the block and item textures that I changed:

  • Acacia Trapdoor
  • Allium
  • Apple
  • Birch Leaves
  • Birch Sapling
  • Birch Trapdoor
  • Chiseled Red Sandstone
  • Cornflower
  • Cracked Polished Blackstone Bricks
  • Diamond Ore
  • Diorite (Full Blocks, Stairs, Slabs, Walls, & Polished Variants)
  • Dirt
  • End Rod
  • Flower Pot
  • Granite (Full Blocks, Stairs, Slabs, Walls, & Polished Variants)
  • Hay Bale
  • Jungle Trapdoor
  • Loom
  • Observer
  • Polished Blackstone Bricks (Full Blocks, Stairs, Slabs, Walls)
  • Quartz Bricks
  • Signs (Acacia, Birch, Crimson, Warped)
  • Stonecutter
  • TNT


And here are the two mob textures that I changed:

  • Creeper
  • Ghast


I also changed two of the painting textures. One of them has to do with a joke my friends and I have, and the other is just a smiley face. All of the other painting textures remained the same.


You are not allowed to call this pack your own and submit it to any website or area for use

You are allowed to change this pack to your liking for your own personal use

  • Changed textures of all block variants of diorite and polished diorite
  • Changed end rod texture (didn't change much, literally just re-colored a pixel)

creator: khuiieyxszii


Posted : 14/08/2020 4:38 pm