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Diamond Hunt - Minigame

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Introducing Diamond Hunt, a brand new multiplayer Minecraft minigame map made by ExamineCat! Split up into two teams of 1-4 players per team. Use given supplies to set up protection for your team's diamond block during the give time in order to prevent the other team from reaching and breaking it after time is up. For once time is up, the teams will switch sides and hunt for each other's diamond block! Whichever team breaks the opposing team's diamond block first wins the game!'


  • Play with friends in 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 or 4v4 matches, great for multiplayer and realms! (Additional players can spectate.)
  • Do parkour while you wait for your friends to join! 
  • Split up into teams and set up protection for your team's diamond block using the given supply of blocks during the given time! Once time is up, the teams switch sides and hunt for each other's diamond block. Break the opposing team's diamond block first to win the game for your team!
  • 3 maps to choose from! 
    • The Plains by ExamineCat
    • The Ruins by ExtinctOG lem
    • The Base by ExamineCat
  • 2 secrets for you to find... First player to find them and tweet a screenshot @ExamineCat on Twitter gets a shoutout in the map's credits!


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Xbox: ExamineCat
Discord: ExamineCat#2237
Discord Server: Join ExamineCat's Discord Server

Copyright Notice:

  • This map has been officially published on MCPEDL, McBedrock, and ExamineCat's Discord Server.
  • This map may be unofficially shared by anyone anywhere else providing the link to the official publishing (in this case, McBedrock) for the download, not the direct MediaFire link.
  • This map may not be redistributed using an unofficial link or source (e.g. your own MediaFire download, your own monetized links...), nor as belonging to or being made by anyone other than ExamineCat.
  • You are free to make videos or streams on this map, but you must provide the link to the official publishing (in this case, McBedrock) in your description.


Please note:

  • The download links are shortened with Linkvertise.
  • You will not be required you to download anything or turn on notifications.


  1. Click on the download link for the file you want to download to be taken to Linkvertise.
  2. Look for the Free Access with Ads button and click on it. If you have premium, you may click on Direct Access with Premium instead.
  3. If you clicked on Free Access with Ads, wait around 5 seconds or less. You can then click on the X at the top right of the small window to close it.
  4. Click on Free Access to be taken to Mediafire.
  5. Once you are in MediaFire, click on the blue download button.
  6. Wait for the file to download. If you get any pop ups, close them.
  7. Import the file to Minecraft.


  • The .mcworld file will be automatically imported to Minecraft when opened if your browser, file explorer or device recognizes it as a file that can be opened by Minecraft.
  • The .zip file must have its contents manually extracted, and then manually placed in your minecraftWorlds folder.
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