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MCPE/Bedrock Armorers House (Flat World Download)

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Armorers House (Flat World Download)


Hey everyone, here I have a flat world for you to enjoy. On this world there is a build of an Armorer Villagers House. Below I have an image of the house, its interior and information on the villager profession.

Below Is A Little Information On The Armorer Villager

Armorer is a villager who sells armor and a shield, including enchanted diamond armor, in exchange for emeralds. You can also exchange coal and iron ingots for emeralds.

The armorer is dressed in brown clothes, gloves are on his hands, and a goggle mask is on his head. Elements of clothing may differ for armored dwellers of different biomes.

It has the same levels of profession development as other villagers: Novice, Journeyman, Craftsman, Expert and Master. Each level changes the assortment of his goods; minor changes occur with his clothes, the color of the buckle also changes.

Armorer’s workplace is a Blast Furnace.

Below Are Some Pictures Of The Armorer Profession House





Automatic Installation

Just Download My Pack. Once Complete. Right Click The Downloaded File -> Open With -> Minecraft

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