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MCPE/Bedrock Distance Elimination

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Distance Elimination

This is a multiplayer game! (more than 3 recommended) Before beginning, Please flick the lever to activate the command blocks! Please Do Not Break The Spawn House! Your goal is to get as far away from spawn as without being too far away...Let me explain 


Every 2 mins, The closest and farthest players will be Drained of more than half of their health(making them more vulnerable to the elements and other players) until there is only oneplayer remaining...

It is highly recommended that you don't pvp near spawn, instead try to get away from spawn first to gather materials and then have an epic fight


The Base isn't even important, its just a place to start out so i look professional. But since I don't have any other images to show you, This is all there is-

Made By Danmintis (Stay tuned of my account! Ill be posting maps more later!)

creator: Danmintis
Topic starter Posted : 12/10/2021 9:20 am