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MCPE/Bedrock Pac-Man Minecraft Edition

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Pac-Man Minecraft Edition

Behold... Pac-Man in Minecraft

I like the games. I like games so much. I made one of my favourite games in another one of my favourite games. I liked playing Pac-Man before going to get my teeth checked. I did not like going to the dentist but: it was worth it by playing Pac-Man.

But sadly. I don't live there anymore.


 This is the hub you should see when you load into the world.

 This book is important. It will tell you where the settings should be.

 This is the control room. Don't be afraid to step down. There are barrier blocks to have a clear view of the game.

 The button when pressed should disappear, play the Pac-Man them song, then start the game. The switch on the right when up the game is paused. when down the game is resumed.

The game should is a lot like the original Pac-Man. Every time you pass a level, you gain fruits and depending on the level. the fruit that appears in the middle corresponds to your level. Eat the power dot to eat the ghosts. If you die you lose a life and if you lose all your lives then its a game over for you, but luckily you can restart and keep going.

YOUR DEVICE WILL NEED TO BE ABLE TO RUN A RENDER DISTANCE OF 12 chunks or higher.    Recommended 14.


Please let me know about any massive bugs. Most visual glitches will fix themselves

P.S. there is a security door on the wall you can enter.


Click on the download link and you will need to wait 5 seconds for a button will show to SKIP AD in the top right-hand corner of the page.


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