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MCPE/Bedrock Better Wandering Trader

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Better Wandering Trader

HELLO Guys!, brand new addon! Its called "Better wandering trader" addon... Its a awesome addon i ever make! Because I changed the code of wandering trader trades... Now you can see a new trades of wandering trader! Some items in the trade wandering trader are replaced by new.

Hopefully in the next update there will be other things Added, Don't forget to subscribe to this post and this account! So you don't miss all the upcoming updates!


I recode some transaction items from the wandering trader, for example.... 3 merald for 1 diamond 😀

With this New trades, you will not be thinking wandering trader is suck! But hey... On the bright side I have changed the items he sells. 

In fact, a wandering trader can sell villager eggs, cats and sell iron pickaxes!. 

Wandering trader spawn egg was i changed it, and will changed again in new update because i want too make the spawn egg look like at Java Edition!

They can sell you some food, carrot or maybe can cooked porkchop, they can also sell you emerald, Give him wheat so you can get emerald! 

Also, improved for llama's, they now can angry in 40 second when some mobs or maybe player hit wandering trader


Whats New at 1.0.6?:

Improvement and bug fixes.

Fixed link mcpack! Now support mcpack or mcaddon


For MCPACK Format


1.Download At Link Selection, Make sure you download rp and BP MCPACK! Or maybe use zip. 

2.Import mcpack into minecraft.

3.Play with the addon 😀

For ZIP File

1.Downlaod Zip format at link selection

2.Extract it

3.Copy or paste it into minecraft folder

FOR Resource Pack :


FOR Behavior Pack



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