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MCPE/Bedrock Easter Eggs Eddon

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Easter Eggs Eddon

Today I am releasing a brand new Minecraft addon which adds Easter eggs to Minecraft Bedrock Edition, you can find Easter eggs in different biomes in the game and give you special loot if you break one of these eggs!


Easter eggs come in multiple different colors and have different designs depending on the color.

 Once you find an Easter egg they will give you a special loot such as diamonds, iron, gold, and more!

You can find the eggs and several different biomes such as Savannah, mountains, swamps, and any Forest but you CAN'T find them in Plains, Deserts, Mesas, or any water biome!

If you want to learn a little bit more information about the addon just take a look at the video down below!


  • If you want to review or make a video about this content, please credit me in the video or description!
  • DO NOT use your own link, use the proper link on MCBEDROCK!
  • If you wish to use this for your own world creations, please credit me!
  • DO NOT take ANYTHING from the addon without permission!


Topic starter Posted : 06/04/2021 12:23 pm