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MCPE/Bedrock Bike (Addon)  

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Bike (Addon)

This addon adds bicycles in Minecraft, they are 6 different colors that you can choose and use as decoration or means of transport in your survival world. (Bicycles are 100% functional)

Download this addon and have fun.



Team Cubitos MC

How to use?

In order to use these bicycles you will have to be in creative mode and select the spawning eggs. Another way to get it in a survival world would be by activating the tricks and entering any of these commands:

/ summon add: bike_blue

/ summon add: bike_red

/ summon add: bike_green

/ summon add: bike_purple

/ summon add: bike_yellow

/ summon add: bike_gray

Once we have the bike just get on it and you can drive it. Something interesting is that we can jump with it and feel a great experience with the sounds and animations included.

It is also worth mentioning that if your bike is damaged you can repair it by giving it iron bars, so it will always be in perfect condition.



Changes v2:

-A new bike variant "Gray color" was added.

-New textures in spawning eggs.

-Added the option to repair the bike with an iron ingot.

-Wheel and pedal animations were added.

-Fixed errors.


How to install the plugin in our worlds?

• Download and install McAddon
• Activate the behavior and resource package that you installed, in your worldwide configuration and you're done.
Doubts and suggestions?
 Visit our website!
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Posted : 12/02/2020 3:33 pm